08-04-19 Kevin Goins - The Truth About the Truth That Sets Us Free

“The Truth about the Truth that Sets Us Free” John 8:30-36

John 8:32 has been used by all sorts of people to promote all sorts of ideas. But a biblical text cannot mean whatever we want it to mean. What then is this text actually saying?

I This text is one of the best k_______ and most q_________ in the Bible.

II What is the truth about the truth that sets us free? The truth that sets us free isn’t only for the ___________. In fact, it’s actually directed at the ____-___________.
A. The one who is not yet in the Kingdom of God has a more __________ need for the truth that sets us free than the believer.
B. Who is Jesus __________ to in this text?
1. It seems as if Jesus is addressing these words to b__________, but there is good reason to ___________ that.
a. First, that expression, “many put their faith in him,” is not as _______________ as it sounds.
b. Second, Jesus just said that people cannot truly believe in him until he is c____________.
c. Third, these people chose to believe b_________ they heard all they needed to hear.
2. Those who most need to hear what Jesus says about truth are people who do ____ ______ know Jesus.

III There _____ a truth that can set us free but that is a very d__________ statement in our world today.
A. There are some who say there is ___ _______ ________ as truth.
B. There are some who believe truth exists, but only certain _______ of truth can be known.
C. Jesus said there is truth and it is found in ______ ____________, but for this truth to change us we must ______ to it
D. To live in his truth means two things:
1. We must get it into our _______ through _________.
2. We must ______ what it says.

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