07-29-18 Kevin Goins - Introduction to the Spirit

“Introduction to the Spirit”  John 7:37-52 (Pt 1)

Our text today begins John’s introduction to the Spirit. Jesus will have a great deal more to say about the Holy Spirit in chapters fourteen through sixteen, but this is his introductory statement and it comes at the Feast of Tabernacles. What do these verses tell us about the ministry of the Holy Spirit?

I First, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is the a__________ to r____________ (7:37a).

A. Jesus stands up to speak at the very time the Jews are celebrating a f________, and taking part in a ceremonial feast is a p_________ of religion.

1. We can use the word “religion” simply in the s___________ sense.

2. Religion is about whether or not people have some space in their life for _____ and for the s____________.

B. But there is also a sense in which Christianity is _____ a religion. In fact, there is a sense in which Christianity is _______-religion.

1. First, in no religion except Christianity does God become a ________ ________ in order to save human beings by __________ in our place.

2. Second, only Christianity tells us that the way to God is not by d________ s____________.

a. Religion is about doing - doing the things religion says will make God a_______ us.

But Christianity says there is _________ we can do to make God accept us.

b. Religion is about m__________ the religious looking things religious people do.

Christianity is about having our own p_________ relationship with God.

II Second, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is for e__________, especially a believer (7:37b).

A. First, it is important that Jesus s__________.

B. Second, it is important that Jesus spoke “In a _________ voice.”

III So, we can have religion, and religion makes ___ feel good about _____________, or we can have a _______ relationship with God.

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