04-04-20 Kevin Goins - The Church’s Ministry of Healing, John 9:5 pt 2

“Anatomy of an Illness: The Church’s Ministry of Healing”

John 9:5 (Part 2)

I First, sickness gets our attention and it gets the attention of Jesus (9:1).
II Second, sickness makes us uncomfortable (9:2).
III Third, sickness is caused by alienation (9:2).
IV Fourth, oftentimes our best theological or commonsense explanations for sickness are not good enough (9:3a).
V Fifth, sometimes sickness happens for a good reason, so that God can be glorified in our life (9:3b).
VI Sixth, all believers in Jesus are called to help sick people find health (9:4).
VII Seventh, sickness is a work of the kingdom of darkness; healing is a work of the Kingdom of light (9:5).

This verse makes 4 very important points:

A. First, Jesus came to this world to be our light.

B. Second, healing is a work of the kingdom of _____________.

1. If we looked at all the occasions in the Gospels when Jesus healed the blind, we would be doing Bible study for ____________.

2. Some argue, not without reason, that Jesus actually spent _______ time _____________ than doing anything else.

3. If healing was a major component of the work of the Kingdom of Light 2,000 years ago, it must ___________ be a major component of the work of the Kingdom of Light ___________.

4. What we need to state clearly is how _______________ the work of “faith healers” is from what Jesus did.

For example:

a. Jesus healed ________________ individuals. There is a tremendous difference between “___________ healing” and _____________ healing.

1. Divine healing is healing that is carried out by __________ in accordance with his ________. “Faith healing” is healing instigated by a human being who claims to somehow be the _________ of God in healing people.

2. Divine healing depends on the power of _________, while “faith healing” is said to depend on ___________.

b. Jesus never asked a person to stand and give a testimony about a healing that had _______ _______ happened.

c. The people Jesus healed never had to worry about their sickness _____________________.

d. Jesus never attempted a healing which was __________________.

e. Jesus never ____________ or asked for ___________ to heal people.

5. There is a d________ s__________ to the ministry of healing. Or, there is a dark side to the _________________________ ministry of healing.

6. For everything that is real and genuine, there will always be the ______________________.

7. We should not put our hope in ______________; we should put our hope in __________.

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