03-07-21 Kevin Goins - The Lie That God Is Silent

“Third Sunday of Lent:  The Lie That God Is silent” 
Psalm 19 
Psalm 19 is a great hymn of praise to God and its first verse has been memorized by most believers.  This Psalm, however, does more than praise God.  It exposes as false one of the most common lies about God prevalent in our world today:  the lie that God is silent.                  

I First, God speaks to us through his p________________ c____________________ (19:1-6).

A. When we see what God has created, it is impossible to think of him as a l_______________________.  When it comes to his power and glory, God is a h_______________________. 

B. “To pour forth” means to bubble up like a s______________ and here it has the idea of bubbling up with p__________________. 

C. The sun, moon, and stars speak by merely b_______________; their e______________________ is their message.

d. David’s description of the sun is p_______________, not scientific, and it is expressed from the point of view of someone who lived in ___________ _____. 

II Is there anything about the universe that speaks to us in a less poetic and more s____________________ way?

A. First, the universe proclaims, in a very powerful way, the message that God i________________, that God e_______________.

1. The most important discovery of the twentieth century is that the universe did have a b________________________.

2. Francis Collins says, “The very fact that the universe had a beginning implies that _________________ was able to begin it.  And it seems to me that someone had to be o___________________ of nature.”

3. Stephen Hawking said, “The odds against a universe like ours emerging out of something like the Big Bang are enormous.   I think there are clearly r___________________ implications.” 

B. Second, the universe proclaims the i________________, the vastness, the greatness of God.

1. Astronomers now believe that in addition to our own Milky Way galaxy, there are another 100 to 200 _______________ galaxies and that each of these galaxies contains up to 100 ______________ stars.

2. The diameter of the universe is the distance light would travel in ______ ___________________ years.

C. Third, the universe proclaims God’s great l__________ and c___________ for human beings.

1. Our universe seems to be precisely designed to support l______________ on e________________.

2. Stephen Hawking, in A Brief History of Time, states, “It would be very difficult to explain why the universe should have begun in just this way, except as the act of a God who i_______________ to create beings like us.”

III Second, God speaks to us through his ___________________.

A. The features of the universe, with its vastness and complexity, reveals God to us, but see him from f____________ a____________.

B. First, in verses 7-9 David praises the different f_________________ of God’s Word and how beneficial they are to us. 

C. Second, in verses 10-11, David talks about how d_______________________ God’s words are.

D. God’s Word gives us guidance so we will not r_____________ our life, or the lives of those around us, and it makes life r____________________.

IV Creation is speaking and God’s Word is speaking, but how do we know that we have heard the message?  We know we have heard if we are being c___________________ by what we have heard. 

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