02-28-21 Kevin Goins - Lent: Naming our Enemies, The Enemy of Ingratitude

“Second Sunday of Lent:  Naming the enemy of Ingratitude” 
Psalm 22:22-31
Ingratitude is far more than just a mark of bad breeding.  Ingratitude is a vicious enemy of the Christian life.  In our Lenten text today we see why ingratitude is so corrosive to our faith                  

I The Bible identifies Psalm 22 as a psalm of ______________, but for many Christians it is actually viewed as a psalm of _______________.

 A. There are three reasons why Christians do this:

1. The first 21 verses give us a vivid and startlingly accurate description of the ________________________ of Jesus.

2. Christians view this as a psalm of Jesus because Psalm 22 is quoted ______________ times in the New Testament, and most of these references occur in the Gospel accounts of the ________________ of Jesus.

3. Christians view this as a psalm of Jesus because Jesus quoted verse 1 of this Psalm from the ________________.

B. If we limit Psalm 22 to a psalm about Jesus, then we miss out on a great source of s___________________ for us when we find ourselves facing hard times. 

II In our text today, David gives us three reasons why ingratitude is t_______________ to the Christian.

 A. First, ingratitude denies God’s __________________ over suffering (22:22-24).

1. The first 21 verses of this psalm testify to the fact that suffering can make us q___________________ the goodness of God.

2. After describing the worst suffering imaginable, David then launches into the most e__________________ invitation to worship God found anywhere in the Bible.

3. Not only has God not despised the afflicted one – not only has he not turned his face from him and rejected him – David says, he “has l_________________ to his cry for help.”

B. Second, ingratitude denies that God is p________________ with us in suffering (22:25).

1. First, we need to see that David is talking about being in a c___________________ worship service.

2. David says, “God, my ability to give you thanks, no matter how great my suffering, comes from s_________________ your presence in the worship service.

3. No matter what our circumstances, recognizing the presence of God brings about c_______________, not only in us, but sometimes in those around us.

4. Those who refuse to thank God when times are bad are d_______________ the presence of God.

C. Finally, ingratitude denies that God is going to ______________ his creation from all the horrible things happening around us.

1. The point of eschatology is this:  right beliefs and good attitudes can only take you s_________ f_____________.  Eventually, something has got to h______________.

2. It’s simple:  If we believe God will one day make every ________________ right, we should have no problem giving him thanks now.

    -But when we live with ingratitude, we deny that God is going to ______ what he s__________ he would do.

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