02-24-19 Jennifer Bliss-Criswell The Desire to Pray - corporately

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The Desire to Pray - The “wow” of corporate prayer
Acts 4:23-31 and Matthew 6:9-13

When we pray together we pray as f______
A. O___ F_________
B. Peter and John went to their o___ p________
C. H___________ F _______ = H___________ F _______

When we pray together God’s name is s_________
A. M_______ is louder than o_____
B. They r________ their voices t_____________

When we pray together God’s w____ is c__________
A. The Lord’s Prayer teaches us that we can k____ God’s will
B. We can find God’s will in s__________
C. There is s___________ for every s____________

4. When we pray together there is a______________
A. Many v________, one p________
B. Agreement requires u__________
Matthew 18:19-20
C. Unity requires f______________.

When we pray together there is p_________.
A. Deliver us from evil by m____________ us s____________ than the evil one
B. God showed up: M____________ P_____________
C. Their prayer was a_____________.

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