02-17-19 Kevin Goins - The Desire to Pray, part 3

“The Desire to Pray” (pt 3)
Matthew 6:5-13

It takes more to pray than simply knowing how to do it. Something else is required and what is required is desire. Why should we desire to pray? Our text tells us.

I First, we should love to pray because prayer rewards us with a growing relationship with God (6:5-6).
II Second, we should love to pray because prayer is the most natural thing we could ever do (6:7-8).
III Third, we should love to pray because when we pray we are reminded of our true significance (6:9)

IV Fourth, we should love to pray because prayer puts us in touch with the power than can bring ________ to God’s name (6:9b).

A., The Bible teaches that it is _____, not ________, who sees to it that his name is honored.

B. We can use prayer to ask God to _______ the way this world treats his _______.

V Fifth, we should love to pray because prayer can a_________ God’s Kingdom in this world (6:10a).

A. When God first created human beings, he was _______ over all life.

B. Then God called a special nation through whom he could once again establish his kingship on earth – that nation was ________.

C. Then God told the prophets he would establish his kingdom through a perfect King - _________ is that perfect King.

D. Jesus not only called us to p________ the Gospel of the Kingdom – he taught us to pray that the Kingdom would ________.

VI Sixth, we should love to pray because real prayer has a terrific s_________ m__________ (6:10b).

A., Can you imagine how horrible it would be to the human race if God ____________ every prayer we ever prayed?

B. Prayer ought to wow us because prayer doesn’t depend on ____ understanding of what is best – it depends on the _____ of ______.

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