01-26-20 Kevin Goins - The Discipline of Fasting

“The Discipline of Fasting” Matthew 6:16-18

This January we are focusing on how we can grow in our relationship with God by using the spiritual discipline of fasting. Fasting has many advantages, but one advantage which is often overlooked is that this discipline can open our eyes to who we really are better than just about anything else we can do. In our text today Jesus emphasizes the positives of fasting, but he first begins with three potential negatives.

I The first negative of fasting is the NO A__________ e_____________ have said to fasting (6:16a).

A. One reason evangelicals have said no to fasting is because our culture has led us to the unbiblical view that the __________ is the enemy of the ___________.

B. But there are other reasons why we American evangelicals have a bias against fasting:

1. First, we associate fasting with what __________ _____________ do.

2. Second, we see it as a __________.

3. Third, fasting contradicts our _______________ mind-set.

II The second negative of fasting is the No __________ says to the ___________ of fasting (6:16).

A. The Pharisees took fasting, which was given by God, and used it as a way to _______________ themselves.

B. Jesus says people who fast to get noticed will be noticed, but that is all the _______________ they will get.

C. And we not only see this abuse of fasting in the Pharisees, we also see it throughout ___________ ___________.

III The third negative of fasting is the No our ___________ __________ sometimes say to fasting.

A. There are times when fasting is not advised, such as fasting during an _______________.

B. Some ____________ conditions make fasting dangerous.

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