01-20-19 Kevin Goins - Ministry in the Middle

“Ministry in the Middle” Luke 11:5-8

There is a kind of ministry in which every follower of Jesus must stand in the middle, and this ministry in the middle is one of the most important ministries in which any believer ever takes part. In Luke chapter 11 Jesus uses a parable to explain this ministry to us.

I This story is about ________ people:
A. First, there is the man/woman in the ___________, and this could easily be ______ or _____.
B. Who are we in the middle of? On one side we have a friend who is on a journey and he comes to our door hoping for r_______ and b_______ for the night.
C. The third person in the parable is the one who stands on the o_______ side of us, our n________ who has the bread we lack.

II This story is about being a middleman/woman in the p________ sense: one who stands between a friend who n_______ bread and another who h____ bread.
A. But a parable uses a common event in the physical world to help us understand what happens in the s__________ world.
B. An i____________ is someone who stands between a person who has a need only God can meet and God himself.
C. Jesus says when you act as an intercessor for a friend in need, and you come knocking on God’s door for help, that door will be ____.

II We have looked at the three individuals in the parable, but what does the man/woman in the middle teach us about being an intercessor?
First, to be an intercessor we must have a f_______ who is willing to c_____ to us for help.
Second, to be an intercessor we need to know the difference
between needs we can ______ and needs only ______ can meet.
C. Third, to be an intercessor we must be convinced prayer makes a _____________.
D. Fourth, to be an intercessor we must be s_____________.
E. Finally, to be an intercessor we must be willing to p_____ the p_______ of being an intercessor.

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