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06-16-19 Jacob Bliss - Gifts from Fathers

Youth Sunday!

05-26-19 Kevin Goins - From Gifts to Ministry

“From Gifts to Ministry” Acts 6:1-7

Recently we have been talking about spiritual gifts and how to discover which gift is ours. But how does God take gifted people and motivate them to use their gifts for ministry? That is the focus of our text today.

I This text is about taking gifted people in the church and placing them in positions of m___________ where they can serve. And it shows us the four ___’s God provides to make this happen.

II What does God give us to motivate us to use our gifts in the church?
A. First, God provides us with p_______________ (6:1).
1. There were _____ kinds of Jewish believers in the early church because there were _____ kinds of Jews: (1) H____________ Jews and (2) G_______________ Jews.
The Grecian Jewish widows who had become believers in Jesus had the church to help them, but they believed they were not being treated f__________.
3. There will be problems in using our gifts, but problems are God’s
provision for us because problems often l_______ us on to the next l_________ of ministry.

B. Second God provides us with a p____________ (6:2-4).
1. Helping the widows would have been a good thing for the Apostles to do, but the g_____ can be the enemy of the b_______.
2. God’s plan for the church is not just that Pastors should preach and pray, but that church members should use their gifts to do ____________ ________.

C. Third, God provides us with p_______________ (6:5-6).
-The early church teaches us that when you have a ministry need, you find the people to meet that need in the __________.

D. Fourth, God provides us with p_____________ (6:7).

05-19-19 Bruce Bliss - Motivational Gifts

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Spiritual Gift Chart - LINK

Motivational Gifts handout - LINK


05-12-19 Kevin Goins - Gifts, part 2

“Gifts” 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

God has not only called us to do the work of enlarging his Kingdom in this world, but he has gifted us with the tools we need to do the job. What do we need to do to use our spiritual gifts?
I We must know what the Bible teaches about spiritual gifts (12:1). II We need to know where the gifts come from (12:2-3). III We must not be copycats (12:4-6). IV We must not doubt that we have a gift(s) (12:7).
V We need to recognize that the power of the gifts is s___________ (12:8-10).
A. First, spiritual gifts cannot be put into a nice, neat, and tidy ______.
1. There are ______ lists of gifts in the New Testament: 1 Cor 12:__-__, 1 Cor 12:__-__, Rom 12:__-__, Eph 4:__, and 1 Peter 4:__-__ .
2. No list of gifts in the New Testament is c__________, which means there may be _______ gifts mentioned nowhere in the Bible.
Second, the spiritual gifts show us that the Holy Spirit thought of e___________ we might n_____.
1. The word of wisdom – a message which s_________ a difficult problem or s__________ an opponent of the faith.
2. The word of knowledge – f_____ given by the Holy Spirit to someone who could not get this information in any other way.
3. The gift of faith – the ability to believe that God is about to s________ his power in a r___________ way.
4. Gifts of healings – the ability to be God’s i__________ in healing the sick.
5. Workings of miracles – the ability to b_______ God for a miracle.
6. Prophecy – the ability to speak a m___________ from God to his people.
7. Distinguishing between spirits – the ability to tell whether a prophecy is truly f_____ ____.
8. Speaking in tongues – the ability to speak a language never l________ by the speaker.
9. The interpretation of tongues – the ability to give the m________ of what a person said who was speaking in tongues.
C. Lastly, the spiritual gifts teach us that there is no _________ when it comes to what God has enabled us to do for him.
1. Limiting certain gifts to the first century is called c________________.
2. Cessationism has serious problems:
a. The New Testament never calls any gifts “s______ gifts.”
b. If sign gifts were only needed because the New Testament was not yet published, how could the New Testament possibly t_____ the p______ of supernatural gifts?
c. Paul never ever mentions p_________ or t__________ gifts.

05-05-19 Kevin Goins - Gifts

“Gifts” 1 Corinthians 12:1-7
God has called us to do the work of enlarging his Kingdom in this world, but does he expect us to do this work armed only with our own natural human abilities? Our text today says, “NO!” God has gifted us to do his work, but what do we need to do to use our spiritual gifts?

I. We need to ________ what the Bible teaches about spiritual gifts (12:1).
A. We Christians would be insulted if anyone called us a__________, but when it comes to spiritual gifts, many Christians _____ agnostics.
B. If we have no interest in using the ______ God has given us, it likely means we have no interest in doing the _________ God has given us.

II. We need to know ________ these gifts come from (12:2-3).
A. We cannot experience the gifts _____ the Holy Spirit until we have first experienced the gift _____ the Holy Spirit.
B. Paul says that having the ________ of every gift is better than having ____ particular gift.
C. Since the Holy Spirit is the source of all gifts, then ______ we use that gift will have to be in keeping with _______ the Holy Spirit ministers.

III. We must not be ________________ (12:4-6).

IV. We must not _________ that we have a gift (12:7).
A Paul says two things in verse seven: First, ___________ has a gift.
1. But how are you supposed to know what your gifts are?
a. First, we need to read how the ________ describes the gifts and compare that to our __________.
b. We need to ______ God.
c. There are questions we can ask which will help to reveal our gifts.
1. What things that need to be done in the church come n___________ to me?
2. What abilities do I have which could be p_____ to u____ in the church?
3. What ministries of the church really e__________ me?
4. What have I done for the church that has made me feel f__________?
2. Being gifted in one area does not give us a free pass to __________ every other area of ministry – N_______ take precedence over g____!
B. The second point Paul makes in verse 7 is that gifts are given for the c_________ g_________.


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