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11-10-19 Paul Gieschen - Living Water vs. Broken Cisterns

Truths from Jeremiah, Chapter 2
“Living Water vs. Broken Cisterns”
Chapter one of Jeremiah describes his call as an individual to serve the Lord.  Then, in chapter 2, we see a clear call to repentance of a people, the people of Israel.   It is a touching chapter of God’s love, and the consequences of the self-centeredness of a people.  It is also a profound check list of warnings that we must take to heart as individuals, as the church, and as a nation.

In verses 1-3, God is talking about our first l_____ .

Verses 5-8 tells us they became s_________ and found f____ with God.

The crux of the whole chapter and even most of the book of Jeremiah, is in verse 13. “My people have committed two sins: they have forsaken me, the spring of l , and have dug their own c_________, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

God, as the H_______ S__________, is the Living Water.

Sins, decisions to do what we want in the way we want instead of God’s way, are like a h__________ that breaks the cistern.

Hosea 9:10b says we become v________ as the things we love. I______ are the things we love more than God. What is it that we l_________ ?

With relatively few exceptions, problems and their consequences are o____ f_________ .

Here is a check list for how well we are doing in keeping our cisterns full and flowing with the living water.

1. Are you still in awe of God?
2. Are you still fully yoked with Jesus?
3. Are you honest with God or making excuses for your actions?
4. Are you forgetting or ignoring the lessons God has taught through past punishments or consequences?
5. Do you feel free to roam, to dabble, to sample the world’s offerings?

What is your choice today?

04-14-19 Kevin Goins - The Power of Holy Week

“The Power of Holy Week”

Jesus showed his awesome power throughout his ministry, but nowhere more clearly than the week leading to his resurrection. Since we celebrate Jesus’ power over death next Sunday, it would be good for us to recall the pivotal and powerful days leading up to that climactic event.

I The first day of Holy Week was Sunday, and on that Sunday Jesus rode in a _____________.
Triumphal entries are all about celebrating ____________.
B. Jesus a______ o______ who he was by riding into the city on a
donkey, and riding on a donkey told the crowd two things:
1. He told them he was _________.
2. He told them he was a ___________ king.

II On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that week Jesus said and did things which most people would have been far too _________ to do or say.

III Thursday Jesus ate the ___________ meal with his disciples.
-On the Thursday of Holy Week Jesus claimed to have awesome power – the power to t_______ a_______ all our sin.

IV Now we come to Friday, to what the Gospels tell us took place from the sixth hour to the ninth hour, or from _______ to ______ pm.
A. Crucifixion is the worst form of capitol punishment ever devised because it took _______ to bring about death.
B. Matthew shows us the power in the death of Jesus by telling us four things that the death of Jesus did:
First, it r_______ the temple curtain in ____ (Matthew 27:51a).
2. Second, it m__________ the hardened hearts of a world
consumed with s____________ (27:51b).
3. Third, it destroyed the power of ___________ (27:52-53).
4. Fourth, it turned _____________ into ___________ (27:54).

04-07-19 Kevin Goins - The Power of Sin

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“The Power of Sin” Genesis 19:1-38

This is the time of year when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the power of God which raised him from the dead. But to appreciate why Jesus had to die and rise again we need to come face to face with another kind of power: the power of sin. How can sin have so much power?

I Sin has incredible power because it is so incredibly a__________ (19:1-3).
A. If Lot was sick of the sin of Sodom, why did he stay there?
1. Because the life Sodom offered was p___________ attractive.
2. Because the lifestyle in Sodom was more concerned with f___________ than with r_________.
3. Because Sodom was a place of great p__________.
4. Because Sodom was a place where people felt free to gratify their desires without any l___________.

B. Not all of these things were attractive to Lot, but enough about Sodom appealed to him that he was willing to o____________ the wrong.

II Sin has incredible power because it creates a d___________ which weakens our m________ - I.E. it makes us __________ (19:4-11)!

III Sin has incredible power because it is capable of d__________ anyone, even those who follow ________ (19:12-23).
-Lot is a double-minded man: He doesn’t want to ______ with the people of Sodom, but he doesn’t want to ______ without their lifestyle either.

IV Sin has incredible power because it brings terrible d_____________ (19:24-29).
-The power of sin works in us, not to s________ our desires, but to r______ our life.

V Sin has incredible power because it is t____________ - it won’t let go (19:30-38).
A. The angels removed Lot and his daughters from ________, but they could not remove Sodom from their __________.
B. Where did Lot’s daughters get the idea that incest with their father was acceptable? They got if from their ___________.


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