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11-03-19 Kevin Goins - Our City, Our Calling

“Our City, Our Calling”   Jeremiah 29:1-14

Is there a Scripture text which speaks specifically to us about our calling at FAC? That is what I have been looking for, and I believe the Lord has provided it in these words of Jeremiah.

I What is happening here in the twenty-ninth chapter of the prophetic book of Jeremiah? The leaders of the Jews have been ___________ to Babylon (29:1).

II In his letter, Jeremiah makes ________ points:

A. First, God’s people are called to the p__________, p_________, s___________ city (29:4-9).

1. We are just like the Judeans in Jeremiah’s day – the New Testament calls Christians, “_____________.”

2. God says, “I want you in this strange city because I can d____________ and r___________ your faith here, and you can do __________ to the people of this city.

B. Second, God’s people must offer an a____________ to the v__________ of this city (29:10-14).

1. God says he banished them, not to _____________ them, but to give them a chance to decide what is truly ____________ to them.

2. When we wake up and find that we are in Babylon, there are three things that we can do:

a. We can give our ___________ to Babylon.

b. We can build a _____________ and never allow ourselves to become a ________ of this city.

c. We can live in Babylon in such a way as to bring the ___________ of ______ to this city.

C. Third, God’s people must ________ and ________ for the city.

-We are to pray, not only that people will _________ Jesus, but that they would be whole in their mind, body, career, relationships, finances - in ________ way.

III This is where we live. This is where ______ put us. This is our _____________.

11-04-2018 Kevin Goins - A New Year for FAC

“A New Year for FAC” James 4:13-17

Today is our Annual Meeting, but rather than think about where we have been and where we want to go, which I have covered in the Annual Report, I want to direct our attention to something far more important: our commitment to seek the will of God in all we do. It is foolish to make plans without seeking and doing God’s will. Why?

I First, planning for the future without seeking God’s will is u__________ (4:13-14a).

II Second, planning for the future without seeking God’s will is a______________ (4:14b-16).
A. James says our life is like a m_______.
B. Making plans for FAC without seeking God’s will is like making an e______ b_______.

III Third, Planning for the future without seeking God’s will is s_________ (4:17).
A. God defines sin, not only as doing what we know to be w________, but also as not doing what we know to be r________.
B. When we live without any concern for God’s will, we are denying his sovereignty (his right to r_______ over us).

IV What is the answer to all this? What is the correct way to plan for the future? We must say, verse 15, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will l_______ and d_____ this or that.”

V This brings up a separate issue: ____ do I determine the will of God in a p____________ instance?
A. First, to know God’s will in a particular situation we must s____________ ourselves to the will of God.
B. Second, if we want to know God’s will, we must _______ _______.
C. Third, we must s__________ God’s _______.
D. Fourth, we need to learn to read the p________________.
E. Fifth, we need to t_____ s______ in the direction in which God is leading us to go.

10-29-17 Annual Meeting Sunday

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Once a year we take a Sunday and give opportunity to our ministry leaders to talk about what God's done through their ministry and what they see coming next. 

11-06-16 Annual Celebration Service

This is our annual meeting Sunday - instead of a boring meeting we prefer celebrating!
Pastor’s Report—Dr. Kevin Goins: Up
Worship Report – Jennifer Bliss-Criswell
Pastor’s Report: In
Elders Report— Abel Irvin
Children/Youth Report— Margaret Goins
Pastor’s Report: Out
Belmont Senior Ministry— Ross Antonakos
Prison Ministry— Judy Cox
Missions— Debbie Miller
Grace Campus Chinese Bible Fellowship— Jennifer Gao
Communion with GCCBF


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