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02-10-19 Kevin Goins - The Desire to Pray, part 2

“The Desire to Pray” (pt 2)  Matthew 6:5-13

It takes more to pray than simply knowing how to do it. Something else is required and what is required is desire. Why should we desire to pray? Our text tells us.

I The first reason we should love to pray is that prayer puts us in touch with the most s_____________ relationship we could ever have, a relationship with _____. (6:5-6)

II The second reason we should love to pray is because talking to God in prayer is the most n__________ thing we can ever do (6:7).

A. The first characteristic of pagan prayer is that it depends on using the r________ w_______.

B. The second characteristic of pagan prayer is that it tries to persuade God by r___________ requests over and over.

C. The point Jesus makes about both practices is that they are completely un________________.

III In verse 8 Jesus explains why it is unnecessary to worry about how we e__________ our needs to God – It is because, “The Father a_______ k_______ what you need before you ask him” (6:8).

IV The third reason we should love to pray is because when we pray we are reminded of _____ we really _____ (6:9).

A. What reminds us day after day of who we really are in Jesus? It is praying to God as “O_____ F_______.”

B. We begin our prayer by reminding ourselves who ____ are: We are ___________ of God. And we begin our prayer by reminding ourselves who _____ is: He is not some i___________ power, but our Father.

C. Some find it hard to think of God as their father because they had fathers who abused or abandoned them. But Jesus says we are to pray, not to ____ father, but to our Father who is ___ ___________.

D. But “in heaven” not only means that this father has no _____, but it also means he has no w__________.


01-13-19 Kevin Goins - Praying the Lord’s Prayer

“Praying the Lord’s Prayer”  Matthew 6:9-13

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, he gave them the prayer we know as the Lord’s Prayer. Many people have committed this prayer to memory, but it also works well as a pattern or framework upon which we can build our own daily prayers. Each of the five petitions of the Lord’s Prayer gives us a piece of the structure which we can use to fashion an effective and powerful prayer

I The first part of the prayer structure is what we call w________ or a__________ (6:9).

II The second part of the prayer structure is s__________ or s___________ (6:10).

A. When we pray God’s will to be done in our life, we are surrendering our right to be the o____ who is in c__________.

B. But this request is not just about ____, it is about _____ people everywhere on earth.

III The third part of the prayer structure is p___________ (6:11).

IV The fourth part of the prayer structure is c______________(6:12).

. This petition makes our forgiveness by God depend on our w_____________ to forgive those who have _______ us.

B. This prayer is hard to pray because we so enjoy being _________ at those who wrong us.

V The fifth part of the prayer structure is the prayer for d______________ (6:13).

A. The best way for evil to hurt the progress of God’s Kingdom is to show that the work Jesus did on the cross is i______________.

B. E_______ is behind every sorrow and pain this world experiences, and so looking to Jesus to help us with t___________ will accomplish more than any political party ever could.


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