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04-21-19 Kevin Goins - Resurrection

What does resurrection mean?

What is so important about the resurrection of Jesus?

How can we know the resurrection of Jesus really happened? 

Eye witness reports from Mary Magdalene, John, and Peter

04-01-18 Kevin Goins - A Basic Guide To Easter

“A Basic Guide to Easter”

I “Easter,” bunnies, eggs, and candy

A. The word Easter comes from Astra or Ostara who was the goddess of the d_________.

-But Christians do not worship the dawn and so there is a much better name for our holiday: R____________ S___________.

B. Bunnies and eggs belong to the s___________ celebration of Easter.

C. Candy is _______ because Resurrection Sunday is a f_______ d_______ and feasting means f_______.

II What is this day really all about? It all comes down to four words:

A. The first word is _______ and there are two things about _______ we must understand:

1. God e_______; God is r______.

2. God is __________ in every way.

B. The second word is ___________. The problem is that while God cannot shut his eyes to wrong, we have ____ done wrong.

C. The third word is __________. Jesus died for us, which means two things:

1. God is not o___________ our suffering.

2. God, in Jesus, has already endured the punishment that all our wrongs deserve and, because he has done that, he can grant f___________ to all who ask.

D. The last word is ________.

04-16-17 Easter Eye Witnesses

Hear the eye witness accounts of Jesus' resurrection from Mary Magdalene, John the Disciple and Cleopas, the disciple from Emmaus.